Inverted Umlaut Podcast, No. 15: Merlin Ist Magisch


* Ulcerate brings next-level death metal like it’s butter on toast.
* Decibel's flexi disc subscription series reminds us that flexi discs will always sound like shit. Always. (Even though Revocation does a fine job covering Death.)
* Ilsa releases the first great death/doom album of 2011. D.C. represent.
* Oh, I guess there’s a new Krallice track floatin’ around like it’s the boss (it is).
* Plus music from Morbid, Mitochondrion and Gorguts. See the full playlist below.

BOTCH “The Wizard,” In These Black Days, Volume 5 split w/ Cave In [Hydrahead]
MORBID “Tragic Dream / From the Dark,” Ancient Morbidity [Slayer]
GOD OX “Ox Flu Zombie Apocalypse,” Abyssal Gigantism [Auditory Essentials]
AUGURY “Cosmic Migration,” Concealed [Sonic Unyon]
ULCERATE “Dead Oceans,” The Destroyers of All [Willowtip]
ILSA “Blue Moon Haze,” Tutti Il Colori Del Buio [Contagion Releasing]
SORROWS “Despair,” Sorrows [self-released]
ZAO “Everything You Love Will Soon Fly Away,” The Fear Is What Keeps Us Here [Ferret]
REVOCATION “Pull the Plug (Death cover),” Decibel Flexi Series [Decibel]
DEATH “Pull the Plug,” Leprosy [Combat]
THE BINARY CODE “Encircled,” NYC Sucks, Volume 1 [MetalSucks]
MEEK IS MURDER “Sundowners (demo),” NYC Sucks, Volume 1 [MetalSucks]
KRALLICE “The Clearing,” Diotima [Profound Lore]
ELECTRIC WIZARD “Satanic Rites of Drugula,” Witchcult Today [Rise Above]
GORGUTS “Rottenatomy,” Considered Dead [Roadrunner]
MITOCHONDRION “Parasignosis,” Parasignosis [Profound Lore]
HARVEY MILK “Merlin is Magic,” Harvey Milk [Hydrahead]

(Incidental music)
KEVIN DRUMM, Sheer Hellish Miasma [Editions Mego]

photo credit: Library of Congress via Flickr | See All Podcasts

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