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Inverted Umlaut Podcast, No. 31: 25 Kick-Ass Metal Songs From 2011


After a six-month podcast hiatus, Inverted Umlaut predictably returns to produce a year-end episode… three days late. Y’all have missed me, right? Instead of doing an albums list, the show compiles my favorite kick-ass metal songs of 2011. Midway through, I forgot about the stack of 7”s that ruled my face last year, and I’ve definitely left off more than a few ragers, but these were the 25 songs that immediately came to mind, which says something.

And if I had to pick a top 5 songs of 2011 right here and now, this is what it’d look like:

5) “Earth Ripper” by Absu
4) “Attack on Golden Mountain” by SubRosa
3) “The Facts” by Trap Them
2) “An Ancient Fire Burns” by Darkest Era
1) “The Grain” by Hammers of Misfortune

Onto the show playlist…

BLACK TUSK “Carved in Stone,” Set the Dial [Relapse]
MIDNIGHT “Satanic Royalty,” Satanic Royalty [Hells Headbangers]
REVOCATION "Cretin," Chaos of Forms [Relapse]
FLOURISHING “Fossil Record,” The Sum of All Fossils [The Path Less Traveled]

TRAP THEM “The Facts,” Darker Handcraft [Prosthetic]
TWISTED TOWER DIRE “Make It Dark,” Make It Dark  [Cruz Del Sur]
TODAY IS THE DAY “Samurai,” Pain is a Warning [Black Market Activities]

SKELETONWITCH “The Infernal Resurrection,” Forever Abomination [Prosthetic]
GRAVEYARD “Hisingen Blues,” Hisingen Blues [Nuclear Blast]
ACID WITCH “Stoned to the Grave,” Stoned [Hells Headbangers]

EXHUMED “I Rot Within,” All Guts, No Glory [Relapse]
ENTRAILS “End of All Existence,” The Tomb Awaits [F.D.A. Rekotz]
AMON AMARTH “War of the Gods,” Surtur Rising [Metal Blade]

ABSU "Earth Ripper," Abzu [Candlelight]
RAVENCULT “Winds of Damnation,” Morbid Blood [Hells Headbangers]
SCALE THE SUMMIT “Whales,” The Collective [Prosthetic]

DARKEST ERA “An Ancient Fire Burns,” The Last Caress of Light [Metal Blade]
THE GATES OF SLUMBER “The Scovrge Ov Drvnkenness,” The Wretch [Rise Above]

SUBROSA “Attack on Golden Mountain,” No Help for the Mighty Ones [Profound Lore]
VADER “Decapitated Saints,” Welcome to the Morbid Reich [Nuclear Blast]
GRIPE “Centuries Old Hate,” Pig Servant [Grindcore Karaoke]
GHOUL “Death in the Swamp,” Transmission Zero [Tankcrimes]

THE DEVIL’S BLOOD “She,” The Thousandfold Epicentre [Metal Blade]
LOSS "Shallow Pulse," Despond [Profound Lore]

HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE “The Grain,” 17th Street [Metal Blade]

(Incidental music)
CHUCK JOHNSON, A Struggle Not a Thought [Strange Attractors]

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Aesop Dekker (Agalloch, ex-Ludicra) lays his cards down on the table early!


The Ten Best Albums of 2011

Inverted Umlaut Podcast, No. 18: Damned In Black


* Snow and sleet just kinda makes me want to brood inside and listen to black metal; hence, this fairly grim playlist.
* Want a bunch of free grindcore and power violence? Inverted Umlaut picks some the best tracks from the Grindcore Karaoke netlabel.
* Is Liturgy's “hyperborean black metal” just “hipster trash”?
* Plus music from Immortal, Absu, Virus and more. See full playlist below.

BAPTISTS “Life Poser,” Baptists 7” [Southern Lord]
DRUGS OF FAITH “Hidden Costs,” Corroded [Selfmadegod]
XII BOAR “Sludge,” XII [self-released]
IMMORTAL “Damned in Black,” Damned in Black [Osmose Productions]
ABSU “Four Crossed Wands (Spell 181),” Tara [Osmose Productions]
VIRUS “Parched Rapids,” The Agent that Shapes the Desert [self-released]
LITURGY “High Gold,” Aesthetica [Thrill Jockey]
NEURAXIS “Savior and Destroyer,” Asylon [Prosthetic]
OMNIUM GATHERUM “Everfields,” New World Shadows [Lifeforce]
FURDIDURKE “Untitled II,” Demo [Klaxon Productions]
PESTILENTIAL SHADOWS “Shrine,” Depths [Adverse Order Music/Seance]
FEN “The Gibbet Elms,” Epoch [Code666]
EUSTACHIAN “Trichopatho Skeleton,” The Sphagnum Bog [Grindcore Karaoke]
CHULO “Corrupción Inherente,” Odio a Primera Vista [Grindcore Karaoke]
WADGE “Ten Tiny Toes Would Be Sick!”, Grindcore Lu’au [Grindcore Karaoke]
MARION BARRY “Shenanigans,” Black Power Violence [Grindcore Karaoke]
ROBOCOP “Maine is the Bastard,” Robocop II [Grindcore Karaoke]
SONNE ADAM “The Way,” Armed with Hammers EP [Imperium]
SYMPHONY OF GRIEF “Toth Amon / Your Fallen,” Our Blessed Conqueror [Wild Rags]
GALLOWBRAID “Oak and Aspen,” Ashen Eidolon [Northern Silence]

(Incidental music)
CHORD, Progression [Important]

photo credit: Library of Congress via Flickr | See All Podcasts

Now that Absu's performing live as a trio, its visionary, Proscriptor, was out front on drums. Sparkly headband and all, he almost stole the spotlight from the evening’s main event at Sonar: Immortal. Once again, Chris from DCHeavyMetal.com with the live video.

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