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Inverted Umlaut Podcast, No. 22: Rabbit Fur Death-Mask


* Ash Borer: next level shizz or the most next level black metal shizz?
* Get all effed up on Amphetamine Reptile.
* AHHHGGHRDFUU new Gridlink and Wormot!
* Plus music from Dismember, Whitehorse and Goatsnake. See full playlist below.

HAMMERLORD “Wolves at War’s End,” Wolves at War’s End [Init]
DISMEMBER “Override of the Overture,” Like an Everflowing Stream [Back on Black]
AURA NOIR “Death-Mask,” Hades Rise [Peaceville]
THE BODY “Just, Wretched,” split 7” w/ Whitehorse [Aum War]
WHITEHORSE “Progression,” Progression [Sweat Lung]
HELIOS CREED “Where the Children Are,” The Last Laugh [Amphetamine Reptile]
TAR "Les Paul Worries," Roundhouse [Amphetamine Reptile]
KING SNAKE ROOST “Godzilla,” From Barbarism to Christian Manhood [Amphetamine Reptile]
LUBRICATED GOAT “Lullaby,” Psychedelicatessen [Amphetamine Reptile]
GOATSNAKE “Slippin’ the Stealth,” 1 + Dog Days [Southern Lord]
SUBROSA “Attack on Golden Mountain,” No Help for the Mighty Ones [Profound Lore]
IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT “Summons to War,” Obeisance [self-released]
ASCENSION “Coldblooded Grace,” With Burning Tonges [WTC]
ASH BORER “Rest, You are the Lightning,” Ash Borer [Psychic Violence]
WORMROT “Public Display of Infection,” “Overpowered Violence,” “Semiconscious Godsize Dumbass,” “Spot a Pathetic,” “Evolved into Nothing,” “Butt Krieg is Showing,” Dirge [Earache]
GRIDLINK “Dar Al-Harb,” “Orphan,” “Deliverables,” “Scopedog,” “Red Eye,” Ophan / Amber Grey [Hydrahead]
LITURGY “Generations,” Aesthethica [Thrill Jockey]

(Incidental music)
BLAKE CARRINGTON, Cathedral Scan [Dragon’s Eye]

photo credit: Library of Congress via Flickr | See All Podcasts

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[h/t @Marcissist]


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