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Inverted Umlaut Podcast, No. 26: Blood Brews Monkey Panic


* Some guy starting cutting himself at the beginning of the Negative Plane show at a Latino pool hall in the D.C. suburbs last weekend. It wasn’t cool, but the new record makes me feel weird, too.
* Who doesn’t enjoy fast songs about beer? I sure do. So does Agoraphobic Nosebleed and Beer Corpse.
* Remember when Mastodon wasn’t a prog-rock band? Neither do I.
* Plus music from Raspberry Bulbs (Bone Awl member), Bastard Priest, Boris, and more. See full playlist below.

THE GATES OF SLUMBER “The Scovrge of Ov Drvnkeness,” The Wretch [Rise Above]
THE SWAN KING “Good Deeds,” Eyes Like Knives [Seventh Rule]
NEW LOWS “Plaguegrounds,” Harvest of the Carcass [Deathwish Inc.]

AGRATH “Rising Dead,” The Fall of Mankind [Orion]
NEGATIVE PLANE “Stained Glass Revelations,” Stained Glass Revelations [Ajna Offensive]

BORIS “Hope,” Attention Please [Sargent House]
DARK CASTLE “I Hear Wind,” Surrender to All Life Beyond Form [Profound Lore]
MASTODON “March of the Fire Ants,” Remission [Relapse]
ORANGE GOBLIN “Monkey Panic,” Orange Goblin [Rise Above]

AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED “Alcohol,” Tribute to Gang Green split 5” w/ ANS [Tank Crimes]
BEER CORPSE “Blood Brew,” Keg Nuts [Give Praise]
BELZEBONG “Bong Thrower,” Sonic Scapes & Weedy Grooves [self-released]

DARKTHRONE “Majestic Desolate Eye,” Total Death [Moonfog]
LITURGY “(Untitled excerpt),” split LP w/ Oval [Thrill Jockey]
STARKWEATHER “Armed Memory,” split LP w/ Overmars [Deathwish Inc.]

ACEPHALIX “Daemonic Sign,” Interminable Night [Southern Lord]
RASPBERRY BULBS “Outside In,” Nature Tries Again [Hospital Productions]
BASTARD PRIEST “Sacrilegious Ground,” Untitled 2011 Album [Blood Harvest]

BARGHEST "Hellish Entrancement," Barghest [Big Mountain]
THOU “Sifting (Nirvana cover),” Baton Rouge, You Have Much to Answer For [Robotic Empire]

(Incidental music)
FABIO ORSI, Find Electronica [A Silent Place]

photo credit: Library of Congress via Flickr | See All Podcasts

New Bastard Priest tracks sound killer! Under the Hammer of Destruction was one of my top 25 albums of 2010, kinda like Motorhead gone death metal. Looking forward to the band’s as-yet-untitled follow up.


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