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Download: Braveyoung, The Body w/ The Assembly Of Light Choir, and Ilsa at St. Stephen’s Sanctuary 06/24/2011»

You can watch The Body’s NYC show and now you can download a bootleg of the St. Stephen’s set from D.C. (Photos of the beautiful sanctuary + an interview here.)


Live, in the Sanctuary of St. Stephens. Echos everywhere. Mic’s quit a bit better than most shows. It sounded / sounds amazing.

Braveyoung - post-rock like later Isis. Perfect for a giant church.

The Body w/ the Assembly Of Light Choir - The Body with a 13 person all-women choir, with half the set being just the choir.  Again, perfect for a church.  There are very little vocals from singer of The Body (but you can hear them) because he has no mic.  He’s screaming over the onslaught of noise that The Body makes.

Ilsa - The guitars and base sound like they are 100ft tall stacks, the drums sound like they were played in a cave, and the singer sounds like the mere act of being in a church is torturous.

People of Washington, D.C., go see The Body level St. Stephens church with a choir June 24! Braveyoung (new to me) and local death-doom band Ilsa open.

People of Washington, D.C., go see The Body level St. Stephens church with a choir June 24! Braveyoung (new to me) and local death-doom band Ilsa open.

Inverted Umlaut Podcast, No. 30: Spectral Necromanicide


* In which our host reveals his Christian metal roots with a face-off inspired by a Decibel jab: Scrolls of the Megilloth vs. Towards the Megalith.
* Surrealist noise-rock duo The Body is currently on tour with a 25-piece female choir. This is awesome. D.C., do not miss the St. Stephens show on 6/24!
* Is it possible for black metal to swing? Peste Noire thinks so!
* Plus music from Big Business, Ilsa, Pharaoh and more. See full playlist below.

BIG BUSINESS “Always Never Know When to Quit,” Quadruple Single [Gold Metal]
KHANN “Heroic Dosage,” Erode [Black Market Activities]
XIBALBA “We Deserve to Die,” Madre Mia Gracias Por Los Dias [Southern Lord/A389]

SOURVEIN “Nomadic,” Black Fang [Candlelight]
YOB “Prepare the Ground,” Atma [Profound Lore]

ILSA “Titan Arum,” split w/ Hooded Menace [Contagion Relasing]
THE BODY "Even Saints Knew Their Hour of Failure and Loss," All the Waters of the Earth Turn to Blood [At A Loss]
CHRISSAKES ” Granby,” split w/ The Convocation [One Percent Press]
HARM’S WAY “Timing,” Isolation [Closed Casket Activities]

BARN BURNER “Gate Creeper,” Bangers II: Scum of the Earth [Metal Blade]
RHAPSODY OF FIRE “Tornado,” From Chaos to Eternity [Nuclear Blast]
PHAROAH “Reflection and the Inevitable Future,” Ten Years [Cruz Del Sur]

MORTIFICATION “Necromanicide,” Scrolls of the Megilloth [Nuclear Blast]
DISMA “Spectral Domination,” Towards the Megalith [Profound Lore]
KALOPSIA “Death Starts the Horror,” Death Starts the Horror [Bandcamp]

BOOK OF BLACK EARTH “Irritating Spectre,” The Cold Testament [Prosthetic]
PESTE NOIRE “Casse, Pêches, Fractures et Traditions,” L’Ordure à l’État Pur [Transcendental Creations]

(Incidental music)
ELLEN FULLMAN, Through Glass Panes [Important]

photo credit: Library of Congress via Flickr | See All Podcasts

Download: Amarok, Ilsa, Spirals, And Sacrum At Corpse Fortress 04/13/2011

This was one helluva Corpse Fortress show. You’d do well to download every single one, especially Ilsa. They were friggin’ ON that night.


The loudest show that has ever happened at the Corpse Fortress.

Ilsa - DC’s crustiest

Amarok - doom so loud it hurts

Sacrum - DC’s newest form of heavy

Spirals - why don’t they have any recordings?

Inverted Umlaut Podcast, No. 25: Locals Only With DCHeavyMetal.com’s Metal Chris


Contrary to popular belief, Washington, D.C. does have somewhat of a metal scene. Sure, it’s difficult to get touring bands to play here instead of Baltimore or Richmond, but there’s a committed group of metalheads and bands making the Capital a grimmer place. Metal Chris is one such metalhead, extensively documenting the DC/VA/MD scene at DCHeavyMetal.com, where you’ll find show listings, curated MP3 downloads of local bands and concert reviews.

I asked Metal Chris to come on Inverted Umlaut to play the D.C. area’s best metal bands, including some I know and love (Ilsa, King Giant, and Wrnlrd, who tweeted at us during the live show), but mostly lots of unknowns-to-me (Apothys, Orgy of the Damned and Wolfsschanze are among my new favorites). You can see the full playlist below.

OAK “Saline,” Oak [A389]

PENTAGRAM “8,” Last Rites [Metal Blade]
PIG DESTROYER “Loathsome,” Phantom Limb [Relapse]
ANIMALS AS LEADERS “CAFO,” Animals as Leaders [Prosthetic]

DECEASED “The Traumatic,” Surreal Overdose [unreleased]
LOCULUS “Hacked Apart,” Sinew [self-released]
FIERCE ALLEGIANCE “Devil’s Knight,” Season in Hell [self-released]
MAGRUDERGRIND “Incapacity Reigns,” “Stagnant,” “Heaving Bombing,” Crusher [Scion A/V]

BALOR’S EYE “Pissing Rainbows,” Balor’s Eye [self-released]
ILSA “Frosthrower,” Tutti il Colori del Buio [Contagion Releasing]
THE NEOLOGIST “A Dress Rehearsal for a Funeral,” The 26 Letters of Your Universe [Incense Lady]

AUROBOROS “Precarious,” Demo 2010 [self-released]
DIVISION “Short Attention Span Society,” Control Issues [Two Fifths Gone]
APOTHYS “Venomcrest,” Advent: Doom [self-released]

KING GIANT “Burning Regrets,” Southern Darkness [self-released]
WRNLRD “Moonlight Ride,” Death Drive [FSS]
ORGY OF THE DAMNED “Feces Fiend,” MUS 871 — Contrapuntal Techniques II [self-released]
GRAVEWURM “Brought Before the Altar,” Blood of the Pentagram [Hells Headbangers]

BORRACHO “Concentric Circles,” Demo [self-released]
HATRED “Red Death,” Burning Paradise [self-released]

WOLFSSCHANZE “Peering Through the Looking Glass of Hatred,” Traurigkeit Von Der Vergangheit [self-released]

(Incidental music)

photo credit: Library of Congress via Flickr | See All Podcasts

Inverted Umlaut Podcast, No. 15: Merlin Ist Magisch


* Ulcerate brings next-level death metal like it’s butter on toast.
* Decibel's flexi disc subscription series reminds us that flexi discs will always sound like shit. Always. (Even though Revocation does a fine job covering Death.)
* Ilsa releases the first great death/doom album of 2011. D.C. represent.
* Oh, I guess there’s a new Krallice track floatin’ around like it’s the boss (it is).
* Plus music from Morbid, Mitochondrion and Gorguts. See the full playlist below.

BOTCH “The Wizard,” In These Black Days, Volume 5 split w/ Cave In [Hydrahead]
MORBID “Tragic Dream / From the Dark,” Ancient Morbidity [Slayer]
GOD OX “Ox Flu Zombie Apocalypse,” Abyssal Gigantism [Auditory Essentials]
AUGURY “Cosmic Migration,” Concealed [Sonic Unyon]
ULCERATE “Dead Oceans,” The Destroyers of All [Willowtip]
ILSA “Blue Moon Haze,” Tutti Il Colori Del Buio [Contagion Releasing]
SORROWS “Despair,” Sorrows [self-released]
ZAO “Everything You Love Will Soon Fly Away,” The Fear Is What Keeps Us Here [Ferret]
REVOCATION “Pull the Plug (Death cover),” Decibel Flexi Series [Decibel]
DEATH “Pull the Plug,” Leprosy [Combat]
THE BINARY CODE “Encircled,” NYC Sucks, Volume 1 [MetalSucks]
MEEK IS MURDER “Sundowners (demo),” NYC Sucks, Volume 1 [MetalSucks]
KRALLICE “The Clearing,” Diotima [Profound Lore]
ELECTRIC WIZARD “Satanic Rites of Drugula,” Witchcult Today [Rise Above]
GORGUTS “Rottenatomy,” Considered Dead [Roadrunner]
MITOCHONDRION “Parasignosis,” Parasignosis [Profound Lore]
HARVEY MILK “Merlin is Magic,” Harvey Milk [Hydrahead]

(Incidental music)
KEVIN DRUMM, Sheer Hellish Miasma [Editions Mego]

photo credit: Library of Congress via Flickr | See All Podcasts


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