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Inverted Umlaut Podcast, No. 31: 25 Kick-Ass Metal Songs From 2011


After a six-month podcast hiatus, Inverted Umlaut predictably returns to produce a year-end episode… three days late. Y’all have missed me, right? Instead of doing an albums list, the show compiles my favorite kick-ass metal songs of 2011. Midway through, I forgot about the stack of 7”s that ruled my face last year, and I’ve definitely left off more than a few ragers, but these were the 25 songs that immediately came to mind, which says something.

And if I had to pick a top 5 songs of 2011 right here and now, this is what it’d look like:

5) “Earth Ripper” by Absu
4) “Attack on Golden Mountain” by SubRosa
3) “The Facts” by Trap Them
2) “An Ancient Fire Burns” by Darkest Era
1) “The Grain” by Hammers of Misfortune

Onto the show playlist…

BLACK TUSK “Carved in Stone,” Set the Dial [Relapse]
MIDNIGHT “Satanic Royalty,” Satanic Royalty [Hells Headbangers]
REVOCATION "Cretin," Chaos of Forms [Relapse]
FLOURISHING “Fossil Record,” The Sum of All Fossils [The Path Less Traveled]

TRAP THEM “The Facts,” Darker Handcraft [Prosthetic]
TWISTED TOWER DIRE “Make It Dark,” Make It Dark  [Cruz Del Sur]
TODAY IS THE DAY “Samurai,” Pain is a Warning [Black Market Activities]

SKELETONWITCH “The Infernal Resurrection,” Forever Abomination [Prosthetic]
GRAVEYARD “Hisingen Blues,” Hisingen Blues [Nuclear Blast]
ACID WITCH “Stoned to the Grave,” Stoned [Hells Headbangers]

EXHUMED “I Rot Within,” All Guts, No Glory [Relapse]
ENTRAILS “End of All Existence,” The Tomb Awaits [F.D.A. Rekotz]
AMON AMARTH “War of the Gods,” Surtur Rising [Metal Blade]

ABSU "Earth Ripper," Abzu [Candlelight]
RAVENCULT “Winds of Damnation,” Morbid Blood [Hells Headbangers]
SCALE THE SUMMIT “Whales,” The Collective [Prosthetic]

DARKEST ERA “An Ancient Fire Burns,” The Last Caress of Light [Metal Blade]
THE GATES OF SLUMBER “The Scovrge Ov Drvnkenness,” The Wretch [Rise Above]

SUBROSA “Attack on Golden Mountain,” No Help for the Mighty Ones [Profound Lore]
VADER “Decapitated Saints,” Welcome to the Morbid Reich [Nuclear Blast]
GRIPE “Centuries Old Hate,” Pig Servant [Grindcore Karaoke]
GHOUL “Death in the Swamp,” Transmission Zero [Tankcrimes]

THE DEVIL’S BLOOD “She,” The Thousandfold Epicentre [Metal Blade]
LOSS "Shallow Pulse," Despond [Profound Lore]

HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE “The Grain,” 17th Street [Metal Blade]

(Incidental music)
CHUCK JOHNSON, A Struggle Not a Thought [Strange Attractors]

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Inverted Umlaut Podcast, No. 30: Spectral Necromanicide


* In which our host reveals his Christian metal roots with a face-off inspired by a Decibel jab: Scrolls of the Megilloth vs. Towards the Megalith.
* Surrealist noise-rock duo The Body is currently on tour with a 25-piece female choir. This is awesome. D.C., do not miss the St. Stephens show on 6/24!
* Is it possible for black metal to swing? Peste Noire thinks so!
* Plus music from Big Business, Ilsa, Pharaoh and more. See full playlist below.

BIG BUSINESS “Always Never Know When to Quit,” Quadruple Single [Gold Metal]
KHANN “Heroic Dosage,” Erode [Black Market Activities]
XIBALBA “We Deserve to Die,” Madre Mia Gracias Por Los Dias [Southern Lord/A389]

SOURVEIN “Nomadic,” Black Fang [Candlelight]
YOB “Prepare the Ground,” Atma [Profound Lore]

ILSA “Titan Arum,” split w/ Hooded Menace [Contagion Relasing]
THE BODY "Even Saints Knew Their Hour of Failure and Loss," All the Waters of the Earth Turn to Blood [At A Loss]
CHRISSAKES ” Granby,” split w/ The Convocation [One Percent Press]
HARM’S WAY “Timing,” Isolation [Closed Casket Activities]

BARN BURNER “Gate Creeper,” Bangers II: Scum of the Earth [Metal Blade]
RHAPSODY OF FIRE “Tornado,” From Chaos to Eternity [Nuclear Blast]
PHAROAH “Reflection and the Inevitable Future,” Ten Years [Cruz Del Sur]

MORTIFICATION “Necromanicide,” Scrolls of the Megilloth [Nuclear Blast]
DISMA “Spectral Domination,” Towards the Megalith [Profound Lore]
KALOPSIA “Death Starts the Horror,” Death Starts the Horror [Bandcamp]

BOOK OF BLACK EARTH “Irritating Spectre,” The Cold Testament [Prosthetic]
PESTE NOIRE “Casse, Pêches, Fractures et Traditions,” L’Ordure à l’État Pur [Transcendental Creations]

(Incidental music)
ELLEN FULLMAN, Through Glass Panes [Important]

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Inverted Umlaut Podcast, No. 29: Withered, Decayed Death


* As of this moment, Autopsy's new LP is the death metal rekkid of the year. Go ahead and tell me I'm wrong.
* Speaking of old dudes, Deceased still thrashes harder than anyone else, the NWOBHM dudes in Hell are back, and Sepultura's just trying too hard.
* The sludge-masters in NOLA’s Thou have 3 crushing EPs on the horizon. What else is new?
* Plus music from Acid Witch, Mamaleek, Last Days of Humanity and more. See full playlist below. 

PULLING TEETH “The New Dark Age,” Funerary [A389]
NO GANG COLORS “Pixie [Pig Destroyer],” 666 Mixes for Cash [Grindcore Karaoke]
OBLITERATION “Styxerian Path (Into Darkness),” Nekropsalms [Fysisk]

ACID WITCH “Midnight Mass,” Midnight Mass b/w To Magic, Sex and Gore [Hells Headbangers]
HELL “Blasphemy and the Master,” Human Remains [Nuclear Blast]

INEVITABLE END “The Oculus,” The Oculus [Relapse]
WỪU “Nếu mày thích giai điệu!,” 888 [Grindcore Karaoke]
MAMALEEK “My Body Rock ‘Long Fever,” Kurdaitcha [Enemies List]
LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY “Slithered limbs (adorable congestion of body remnants),” “Gradually cut up under a series of light sedations,” “Continual septic waste,” “The beauty of perfection in sensible cruelty,” “Allowing the carvings for mutual compassion,” “Driven by motivations of gracious hatred,” Putrefaction in Process [Bones Brigade]

SEPULTURA “Mask,” Kairos [Nuclear Blast]
BLACK SEPTEMBER “Tyrants,” The Forbidden Gates Beyond [Prosthetic]

KERASPHORUS “Locust Nexus,” Necronaut [Nuclear War Now!]
DECEASED “Dying in Analog,” Surreal Overdose [Patac]
AUTOPSY “Dirty Gore Whore,” Macabre Eternal [Peaceville]

THOU “Helen Will Have Her Revenge on New Orleans,” To the Chaos Wizard Youth [Vendetta]
BODY COP “Don’t Move,” Body Cop [Fan Death]
PG. 99 “The Longer Now,” Document #11 [Robotic Empire]
UNMOTHERED “Spectre,” Self Titled EP [self-released]

PLANKS “The Darkest of Grays,” The Darkest of Grays/Solicit to Fall [Southern Lord]

(Incidental music)
MAGICAL POWER MAKO, Hapmonoiym (Disc 1) [Bamboo]

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Inverted Umlaut Podcast, No. 28: Maryland Deathfest 2011 Preview


"America’s biggest metal party of the year" is just that — Maryland Deathfest is a four-day headbanger’s haven practically under a bridge in Baltimore, Md. And while it’s wonderful for us D.C.-area metalheads to have such a well-curated event so close, fans and bands from around the grim globe come to Charm City to rage. 2011’s line-up is redonkulus: Everything from long-running legends like Neurosis and Cathedral (last tour ever, BTW) and recently reunited bands like Coroner and Dropdead to up-and-comers Miasmal, Acid Witch and Hooded Menace.

The full playlist below is just a smattering of the amazing bands playing at MDF this coming Memorial Day weekend (May 26-29), and I’m counting on being turned onto a ton of great stuff by weekend’s end.

AURA NOIR “Schitzoid Paranoid,” Hades Rise [Peaceville]
BLOOD FREAK “Scared Stiff,” Mindscraper [Willowtip]
MIASMAL “Mesmerized,” Miasmal [Dark Descent]

EXHORDER “Unforgiven,” The Law [Roadrunner]
CATHEDRAL “Melancholy Emperor,” Endtyme [Earache]
GHOST “Con Clavi Con Dio,” Opus Eponymous [Rise Above]

NEUROSIS “The Doorway,” Times of Grace [Relapse]
HOODED MENACE “Terror Castle,” Never Cross the Dead [Profound Lore]
CORONER “Spiral Dream,” R.I.P. [Noise]

ACID WITCH “Stoned to the Grave,” Stoned [Hells Headbangers]
CORROSION OF CONFORMITY “Drowning in a Daydream,” Wiseblood [Columbia]
ORANGE GOBLIN “If It Ain’t Broke, Break It,” Orange Goblin [Rise Above]

DROPDEAD “A Nation Sleeps,” “Do You Choose Life?” “At the Cost of an Animal,”  Discography [Flat Earth]
NOISEAR "Fraudulent," "Information Highway to Hell," "Stress Pandemic," Subvert the Dominant Paradigm [Relapse]
NAILS "Conform," "Scum Will Rise," "Your God," Unsilent Death [Southern Lord]

DEAD CONGREGATION “Source of Fire,” Graves of the Archangels [Nuclear War Now!]
BASTARD NOISE "Manphibian," The Red List split w/ Endless Blockade [20 Buck Spin]
MAMMOTH GRINDER “Surveilled,” split w/ Hatred Surge [Cyclopean]

REPUGNANT “Premature Burial,” Epitome of Darkness [Soulseller]
MARDUK “Wacht Am Rhein Drumbeats of Death,” Iron Dawn [Regain]
HAIL OF BULLETS “Strategy of Attrition,” On Divine Winds [Metal Blade]

(Incidental music)
CELER, Close Proximity and the Unhindered Care-all [SRA]

Inverted Umlaut Podcast, No. 27: Take Your Tyrant


* Colin Marston (Behold… The Arctopus, Dysrhythmia, Krallice) is #15 on MetalSucks’ Top 25 Modern Metal Guitarists and I agree. That dude pwns.
* Wino's new band, Premonition 13, is like classic Spirit Caravan. That said, awesome bluesy doom.
* There’s a folk metal band that I like? Congratulations, Tyr.
* Plus music from Tombs, Harvey Milk, Cave In and more. See full playlist below.

TOMBS “Silent World,” Path of Totality [Relapse]
TWILIGHT “8,000 Years,” Monument to Time End [Southern Lord]
ISIS "Backlit," Panopticon [Ipecac]

NADER SADEK “Petrophilia,” In the Flesh [Season of Mist]
RUNHILD GAMMELSÆTER “Collapse — Lifting of the Veil,” Amplicon [Little Black Cloud]
HARVEY MILK “Plastic Eggs,” Courtesy and Good Will Toward Men [Relapse]

ULVER “Providence,” Wars of the Roses [Kscope]
FROM EXILE “Ruiner (Nine Inch Nails cover),” Just Like You Imagined [self-released]
AETURNUS “Sworn Revenge,” Beyond the Wandering Moon [Hammerheart]

BEHOLD… THE ARCTOPUS “Scepters,” Skullgrid [Black Market Activities]
DYSRHYTHMIA "Iron Cathedral," Psychic Maps [Relapse]
KRALLICE “Autochthon,” Dimensional Bleedthrough [Profound Lore]

CAVE IN “Sing My Loves,” White Silence [Hydrahead]
PREMONITION 13 “La Hechicera de la Jeringa,” 13 [Volcom]

TYR “Take Your Tyrant,” The Lay of Thrym [Napalm]
IHSAHN "On the Shores," After [Candlelight]

(Incidental music)
SANSO-XTRO, Fountain Fountain Joyous Mountain [Digitalis]

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Inverted Umlaut Podcast, No. 26: Blood Brews Monkey Panic


* Some guy starting cutting himself at the beginning of the Negative Plane show at a Latino pool hall in the D.C. suburbs last weekend. It wasn’t cool, but the new record makes me feel weird, too.
* Who doesn’t enjoy fast songs about beer? I sure do. So does Agoraphobic Nosebleed and Beer Corpse.
* Remember when Mastodon wasn’t a prog-rock band? Neither do I.
* Plus music from Raspberry Bulbs (Bone Awl member), Bastard Priest, Boris, and more. See full playlist below.

THE GATES OF SLUMBER “The Scovrge of Ov Drvnkeness,” The Wretch [Rise Above]
THE SWAN KING “Good Deeds,” Eyes Like Knives [Seventh Rule]
NEW LOWS “Plaguegrounds,” Harvest of the Carcass [Deathwish Inc.]

AGRATH “Rising Dead,” The Fall of Mankind [Orion]
NEGATIVE PLANE “Stained Glass Revelations,” Stained Glass Revelations [Ajna Offensive]

BORIS “Hope,” Attention Please [Sargent House]
DARK CASTLE “I Hear Wind,” Surrender to All Life Beyond Form [Profound Lore]
MASTODON “March of the Fire Ants,” Remission [Relapse]
ORANGE GOBLIN “Monkey Panic,” Orange Goblin [Rise Above]

AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED “Alcohol,” Tribute to Gang Green split 5” w/ ANS [Tank Crimes]
BEER CORPSE “Blood Brew,” Keg Nuts [Give Praise]
BELZEBONG “Bong Thrower,” Sonic Scapes & Weedy Grooves [self-released]

DARKTHRONE “Majestic Desolate Eye,” Total Death [Moonfog]
LITURGY “(Untitled excerpt),” split LP w/ Oval [Thrill Jockey]
STARKWEATHER “Armed Memory,” split LP w/ Overmars [Deathwish Inc.]

ACEPHALIX “Daemonic Sign,” Interminable Night [Southern Lord]
RASPBERRY BULBS “Outside In,” Nature Tries Again [Hospital Productions]
BASTARD PRIEST “Sacrilegious Ground,” Untitled 2011 Album [Blood Harvest]

BARGHEST "Hellish Entrancement," Barghest [Big Mountain]
THOU “Sifting (Nirvana cover),” Baton Rouge, You Have Much to Answer For [Robotic Empire]

(Incidental music)
FABIO ORSI, Find Electronica [A Silent Place]

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Inverted Umlaut Podcast, No. 25: Locals Only With DCHeavyMetal.com’s Metal Chris


Contrary to popular belief, Washington, D.C. does have somewhat of a metal scene. Sure, it’s difficult to get touring bands to play here instead of Baltimore or Richmond, but there’s a committed group of metalheads and bands making the Capital a grimmer place. Metal Chris is one such metalhead, extensively documenting the DC/VA/MD scene at DCHeavyMetal.com, where you’ll find show listings, curated MP3 downloads of local bands and concert reviews.

I asked Metal Chris to come on Inverted Umlaut to play the D.C. area’s best metal bands, including some I know and love (Ilsa, King Giant, and Wrnlrd, who tweeted at us during the live show), but mostly lots of unknowns-to-me (Apothys, Orgy of the Damned and Wolfsschanze are among my new favorites). You can see the full playlist below.

OAK “Saline,” Oak [A389]

PENTAGRAM “8,” Last Rites [Metal Blade]
PIG DESTROYER “Loathsome,” Phantom Limb [Relapse]
ANIMALS AS LEADERS “CAFO,” Animals as Leaders [Prosthetic]

DECEASED “The Traumatic,” Surreal Overdose [unreleased]
LOCULUS “Hacked Apart,” Sinew [self-released]
FIERCE ALLEGIANCE “Devil’s Knight,” Season in Hell [self-released]
MAGRUDERGRIND “Incapacity Reigns,” “Stagnant,” “Heaving Bombing,” Crusher [Scion A/V]

BALOR’S EYE “Pissing Rainbows,” Balor’s Eye [self-released]
ILSA “Frosthrower,” Tutti il Colori del Buio [Contagion Releasing]
THE NEOLOGIST “A Dress Rehearsal for a Funeral,” The 26 Letters of Your Universe [Incense Lady]

AUROBOROS “Precarious,” Demo 2010 [self-released]
DIVISION “Short Attention Span Society,” Control Issues [Two Fifths Gone]
APOTHYS “Venomcrest,” Advent: Doom [self-released]

KING GIANT “Burning Regrets,” Southern Darkness [self-released]
WRNLRD “Moonlight Ride,” Death Drive [FSS]
ORGY OF THE DAMNED “Feces Fiend,” MUS 871 — Contrapuntal Techniques II [self-released]
GRAVEWURM “Brought Before the Altar,” Blood of the Pentagram [Hells Headbangers]

BORRACHO “Concentric Circles,” Demo [self-released]
HATRED “Red Death,” Burning Paradise [self-released]

WOLFSSCHANZE “Peering Through the Looking Glass of Hatred,” Traurigkeit Von Der Vergangheit [self-released]

(Incidental music)

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Inverted Umlaut Podcast, No. 24: Unexploded Bombs


* Yakuza's Bruce Lamont has another band? Dude must not sleep or else he does not create awesomeness like Bloodiest.
* Survival (includes Liturgy members) has the best clean-toned heavy math-rock demo that no one’s ever heard.
* Number of the Blog’s uncreatively titled Sampler of the Blog will eat your face.
* Plus music from Last Chance to Reason, Murderess, Altar of Plagues and more. See full playlist below.

ARGUS “Durendal,” Boldly Stride the Doomed [Cruz del Sur]
TWISTED TOWER DIRE “Snow Leopard,” Make It Dark [Cruz del Sur]
IRON MAIDEN “The Prisoner,” The Number of the Beast [EMI]

CORMORANT “Scavengers Feast,” The Sampler of the Blog: Volume I
I’LL EAT YOUR FACE “Dr. Pancake’s Luxurious Ratskin Raincoat,” The Sampler of the Blog: Volume I

LAST CHANCE TO REASON “Upload Complete,” Level 2 [Prosthetic]
EXIVIOUS “Asurim,” Exivious [self-released]

BLOODIEST “Dead Inside,” Descent [Relapse]

ANAAL NATHRAKH “Le Diabolique Est L’Ami Du Simple,” Passion [Candlelight]
SUMMON THE CROWS “The Slavedrivers of Ur,” One More for the Gallows [Southern Lord]
CHALICE “Demons Dressed Like Angels,” Deathmask Grin [Takehold]

ALTAR OF PLAGUES "Feather and Bone," Mammal [Profound Lore]

DISCORDANCE AXIS “The Necropolitan,” The Inalienable Dreamless [Hydrahead]
BRANIAC “Draag,” Smack Bunny Baby [Grass]
SURVIVAL “Tragedy of the Mind,” Second Freedom [unreleased demo]

DISHAMMER “Blessed with Catalepsy,” Vintage Addiction [Hells Headbangers]
MURDERESS “Victimized,” The Last Thing You Will Ever See… [Aborted Society]
BLACK SABBATH “After Forever,” Master of Reality [Warner Bros.]

(Incidental music)
STEVEN R. SMITH, The Anchorite [Root Strata]

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Inverted Umlaut Podcast, No. 23: Can I Join Your LARP?


* Alestorm? Battlelore? Why don’t I just join a LARP and get it over with?
* Before Hammers of Misfortune, there was John Cobbett’s equally epic Unholy Cadaver, and now there’s a definitive release.
* More flutes and organ in metal, please. Or at least more Blood Ceremony albums.
* Plus music from Witch Mountain, Circle Takes the Square, Obscura and more. See full playlist below.

ALESTORM “Shipwrecked,” Back Through Time [Napalm]
WIZARD RIFLE “Leathery Gentlemen,” Speak Loud Say Nothing [self-released]
WITCH MOUNTAIN “Wing of the Lord,” South of Salem [Mountastic]
NETHER REGIONS “Spanish Werewolves,” Into the Breach [self-released]
SEABROOK POWER PLANT “I’m Too Good for You,” II [Loyal Label]
PSUDOKU “worMHOLz,” Space Grind [self-released]
INDIAN “Guiltless,” Guiltless [Relapse]
CIRCLE TAKES THE SQUARE “Kill the Switch,” As the Roots Undo [Robotic Empire]
BATTLELORE “Olden Gods,” Doombound [Napalm]
UNHOLY CADAVER “On this Final Night,” Unholy Cadaver [Shadow Kingdom]
OBSCURA “Prismal Dawn,” Omnivium [Relapse]
MÖRK GRYNING “Journey,” Tusen Ar Har Gatt [No Fashion]
UNANIMATED “Ruins,” Ancient God of Evil [No Fashion]
BLOOD CEREMONY “Daughter of the Sun,” Living with the Ancients [Rise Above]
METALLICA “The Four Horsemen,” Kill ‘Em All [Elektra]

(Incidental music)
STARS OF THE LID, And Their Refinement of the Decline [Kranky]

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Inverted Umlaut Podcast, No. 22: Rabbit Fur Death-Mask


* Ash Borer: next level shizz or the most next level black metal shizz?
* Get all effed up on Amphetamine Reptile.
* AHHHGGHRDFUU new Gridlink and Wormot!
* Plus music from Dismember, Whitehorse and Goatsnake. See full playlist below.

HAMMERLORD “Wolves at War’s End,” Wolves at War’s End [Init]
DISMEMBER “Override of the Overture,” Like an Everflowing Stream [Back on Black]
AURA NOIR “Death-Mask,” Hades Rise [Peaceville]
THE BODY “Just, Wretched,” split 7” w/ Whitehorse [Aum War]
WHITEHORSE “Progression,” Progression [Sweat Lung]
HELIOS CREED “Where the Children Are,” The Last Laugh [Amphetamine Reptile]
TAR "Les Paul Worries," Roundhouse [Amphetamine Reptile]
KING SNAKE ROOST “Godzilla,” From Barbarism to Christian Manhood [Amphetamine Reptile]
LUBRICATED GOAT “Lullaby,” Psychedelicatessen [Amphetamine Reptile]
GOATSNAKE “Slippin’ the Stealth,” 1 + Dog Days [Southern Lord]
SUBROSA “Attack on Golden Mountain,” No Help for the Mighty Ones [Profound Lore]
IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT “Summons to War,” Obeisance [self-released]
ASCENSION “Coldblooded Grace,” With Burning Tonges [WTC]
ASH BORER “Rest, You are the Lightning,” Ash Borer [Psychic Violence]
WORMROT “Public Display of Infection,” “Overpowered Violence,” “Semiconscious Godsize Dumbass,” “Spot a Pathetic,” “Evolved into Nothing,” “Butt Krieg is Showing,” Dirge [Earache]
GRIDLINK “Dar Al-Harb,” “Orphan,” “Deliverables,” “Scopedog,” “Red Eye,” Ophan / Amber Grey [Hydrahead]
LITURGY “Generations,” Aesthethica [Thrill Jockey]

(Incidental music)
BLAKE CARRINGTON, Cathedral Scan [Dragon’s Eye]

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